365 Performance is a 2500 square foot facility located inside the Monument Ice Rinks.


365 Performance Services

We have trained and currently train all the way from young athletes, professional athletes, college athletes and International/Olympic athletes. Also train adults of any ability level.

Professional & College Summer Training

365 Performance has helped elevate athletes to NCAA Division 1 and Junior hockey (USHL, NAHL, WHL) levels.

Designed for college and high school athletes who have a training program and need coaching to develop proper technique and skill to for maximum performance. For athletes who don't have a particular program, our qualified staff can design one for you and then coach proper lifting techniques. All sports welcome. 

Keywords: Olympic lifts, speed, strength, power, muscle gain, mobility, injury prevention

Personal Training

Either semi-private training or 1 on 1 training is available for adults of any ability.

High School & Middle School Summer Training 

Designed for high school and middle school athletes who need to improve lifting technique to maximize potential and reduce the risk of injury.  Athletes will be introduced to Olympic lifting and other advanced lifting techniques. All sports welcome. 

Keywords: Olympic lifts, speed, strength, athlete development, muscle gain, mobility, injury prevention

Youth Development Summer Training 

Learning proper movement patterns for sport performance to improve athleticism and prevent injuries. We teach proper jump/landing mechanics, cutting and stopping techniques, and balance which are the essential foundation to sport performance.  

Keywords: youth athlete development, injury prevention, movement mechanics

Want to start training or continue to elevate your game here?

We have the experience and knowledge to handle all your personal training needs. 


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